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Health Boss: How to add your QR code to Apple Wallet on your iPhone?

Health Boss: How to add your QR code to Apple Wallet on your iPhone?

The Health Pass will be requested in most public places and businesses from this summer, here’s a way to draw it quickly.

You need to have it everywhere soon, with you all the time: the health pass. For several weeks, this precious sesame has been in practice in Europe.

The Apple Wallet app lets you combine your loyalty cards, transportation tickets, movie tickets, or payment cards into a single app.

Step 1: Collect your European Health Pass

Collecting the European version of your Health Pass is mandatory. In fact, if you retrieved your certificate a few months ago, it would definitely not be compatible with Apple Wallet. (The 2D-DOC format used by France does not work with the application, while the EU has chosen the most universal QR code format).

Go to the health insurance website ( Download the latest version of your Health Pass.

Step 2: Go through your Apple Wallet design

In order to use the TousAntiCovid application, it is currently not possible to import your QR code into your Apple Wallet. But still Some volunteers have designed sites that can import your QR code into a .pkpass file, The format used by Apple.

With example Govtpass. When you get to the site, you need to select “Select File” and scan the downloaded or previously printed QR code on your computer with your phone’s camera.

Before you can select “Choose a color”, i.e. a color for the background of the sanitary ware (all colors are acceptable), and check the general usage conditions, press “Add to Wallet”. After a few seconds, the Health Pass will be added Your iPhone wallet.

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Step 3: Integrate it with your iPhone

Health Pass is usually integrated into the wallet application, where other passes can also be downloaded.

When you ask for your health pass, you should go to Apple Wallet, Select your certificate and scan the code on the screen of your smartphone or watch. As our colleagues have reported, you no longer need to open the TousAntiCovid app or provide a screenshot every time. 01 Net And CNews.

Culture and leisure are mandatory everywhere

As a reminder, from July 21, the Health Pass will soon be mandatory to welcome anyone over 50 during cultural and leisure activities (theaters, cinemas, museums, amusement parks, festivals, concert halls …).

Then, from August 1, in cafes, bars and restaurants, even on the terrace, but also in shopping centers, hospitals and retirement homes. It is also mandatory on board planes, trains and in-house coaches for long distance travel.