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He dumped building waste into a canal in Polla, trapped by camera traps

He dumped building waste into a canal in Polla, trapped by camera traps

From Pascual Sorrentino

A surprise investigation by the Polla local police allowed the identification of the person responsible for the dumping of construction waste into a canal in the countryside in Pontanello. The system of camera traps set up by the local police was able to identify some of the meticulous investigations carried out in a matter of hours by Commander Andrea Santoro and Auxiliary Leaders Carmine Prior and Elvira de Angelo to dispose of the contaminants and contaminants that were permitted under the Integrated Environmental Law and in a position to be disposed of properly. . A serious move by Deputy Mayor Giuseppe Garcio, who is in charge of the environment, continues directly within the council, which is headed by Mayor Massimo Loviso. Mayor Loviso commented positively on the news: «Environmental controls and monitoring of construction sites are working. We pledged our full cooperation as management to encourage the recovery of the construction sector, while at the same time declaring a firm commitment to comply with the rules. We will continue on this dual path in the interest of evil, the environment, and healthy entrepreneurs, which will certainly not begin to devastate the territory like the irresponsible people immediately discovered by our local police.

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