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He dies tons of waste on Piau: he has to clean up and pay the maximum fine

He dies tons of waste on Piau: he has to clean up and pay the maximum fine

Local police identify person in charge and pole with 3,100 euros Mayor: “Beware of all environmental destruction”

Simadolmo. Amazing operation by the local inter-municipal police “Sinistra Beau” of Simadolmo, Vassola and Gaurin. The man in charge of unloading tons of antiques, glass, plastic and paint cans was found on the shores of the Piao in the Madorbo de Stapiso near the antique boat.

Operators of the local police force, led by Commissioner Claudio Juanetti, identified the person in charge after recording images of municipal video surveillance and recorded vehicle transactions. This is a worker of Romanian descent. The person, with the help of friends, had to go with a truck and clean up all the debris he had dumped on the shores of Pia. The fine of 3,100 euros is very severe and a criminal report is unavoidable in the public prosecutor’s office.

Minister Mayor Giovanni seizes the opportunity to congratulate the local police, who begin the harsh message against polluting the environment by polluting the most delicate territory, such as Piao, which is included in the Sic-Zps by the European Union: ” .

Now the man will have to face all that is not legally known and the costs associated with it because he has been reported guilty. “In addition to the very severe punishment, the criminal report was sent to the prosecutor’s office. The move should be a warning to the entire population because the Piao territory should be respected and these episodes are unlikely to happen. Children are also clean and give a commendable example. Adults cannot be held responsible for these evictions. We have improved video surveillance because part of the “viewer” system does not work.

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