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Have you found a youtube solution? -

Have you found a youtube solution? –

Nintendo Switch On many levels, it continues to suffer Joy-con slip problem, But there is one thing youtuber Someone claims to have discovered Permanent solution For the now known technical shortcoming related to the construction of Nintendo switch controllers.

As we have seen, not even Nintendo Switch OLED Since Nintendo did not want to comment on the possibility that the new model might have solved the problem, arguing that “Joy-Khan’s functionality and configuration will not change” seems to guarantee this front.

We do not know if YouTube has been confirmed Victorstock, The author of the video shown above has actually found a permanent solution to the problem because you have to wait at least a few months to understand if the problem does not come back, butAnalysis It’s more accurate and interesting in the video about gliding, so it’s worth the view.

According to Victorstein, sliding is caused by a metal container with analog sticks: it is over time and use Loosen, Causing displacement of the base metal springs, which gradually loses contact with the graphite surface that detects the input of the stick.

This is a similar explanation to others that have appeared before, but Victorstock adds a possible solution: to keep it in place by using more metal plates. Pressure Between surfaces. Nintendo can solve the problem by using a control screw, which can hold the metal plates that make up the “box” at the bottom of the stick.

The craft solution, on the other hand, seems very simple: Apply one Card sheet At the base of the analog stick, increase the thickness and hold the metal box tightly. The idea may seem simple, but it is not far off, and it is a very simple and minimally invasive system, and it may be worth trying, apparently even if it still has to open Joy-Con, it can involve all the risks.

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We also note that the slip problem affects other controllers such as the dual sense of the PS5 and the Xbox Elite controller.