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« Haute Vienne Explor Games », une application du conseil départemental pour découvrir des lieux d

“Haute Vienne Explor Games”, the sectoral council application for discovering exceptional places

Download the three scenes “Châlucet through the ages”, “The illusions of the Dauges” and “Ligoure a family story” to your smartphone and learn all about the places you walk while having fun.

Scenes with their own characteristics

The medieval castle of Salucet Turns out to be a playground that will surely make you travel back in time. The story unfolds as you explore the site, in the company of Suzanne, her brother Leonard, and her faithful companion Adi, a small black-footed pig.

The latter are part of every adventure, so you’ll find them Ligor Forest Estate. Its 7 kilometers that represent adventure. Discover a farm with innovative techniques and the extraordinary story of the estate’s founders, the Le Play family.

They will come with you Dauges Peat Bog Nature Reserve, the course is a little shorter, it is “only” 5 kilometers. Wear your shoes well, because you will cross forest paths, but especially the famous Kari. Experience a place with incomparable fauna and flora.

Premium I checked for you on the medieval route of Salucet

In all three situations, PasseurdHistoires87 intervenes to challenge you and teach you more about the sites passed.

The purpose of these interactive walks is to: To promote various local tourism sites, Sometimes it is overlooked. The sector is rich in cultural, natural and historical heritage which needs to be explored. The playful tool allows new types of these visits to interact with people of all ages.

Continue the adventure by taking a guided tour with enthusiasts of these territories, such as Philippe Durepaire at Tourbière des Dauges, who will be happy to be your “historical guide”. New courses are also to be introduced in future.

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Nature workshop

: Designed mobile applications to discover tourist sites in a new light. The app “Haute-Vienne Explor Games” is available Free download

on the App Store and Google Play.

Free guided tours at the Tourbière des Dauges on Sundays from 2:30pm to 5pm until August 28. Reservations at the Tourbière des Dauges Nature Reserve Office (Sauvagnac) 05.55.39 80.20.

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