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Download Prisma Photo Editor on Futura for free

Download Prisma Photo Editor on Futura for free

Above the Favorite Styles row, notice a row of icons. The first allows you to change the quality of the style: SD or HD. In a way you can note the intensity of the style there, as well as its transparency.

The second icon lets you choose which level of the image to apply the style to. So you can use it only in the foreground, in the background or both at the same time. It produces very interesting effects, especially with portraits.

The following icon allows you to add a frame. Click on it to display a list of available frames. Select them one by one to see the effect and rendering of your creation. To apply the framework to your build, you (surprisingly enough) need to click Apply. Note that the frameworks are freely accessible and applying does not entitle you to take out a subscription, which applies only to the framework itself.

The final icon allows you to change the background of your photo. Portrait is best. Click on it to display a list of backgrounds. This module works like Frames, in the same way, you have to click Apply to use the background you selected or Cancel if you don’t want it. When you test the background, it will make the frame disappear for a while, don’t panic, it will come back once you exit the module.

Prisma background

Be careful, if you chose to apply an effect to the foreground and background, it will automatically change once you check your background. To display the selected background with its original colors and patterns, you need to go to the second icon and apply your effect only to the foreground.

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The last button allows you to adjust your photo. Attention, there are many options, you have to scroll from top to bottom to see them. From this module, you can adjust exposure, contrast, saturation, hue, temperature, etc. And, as before, you need to click Apply to apply your choice.