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Has the GDA5 updated version for PS5 been postponed to 2022?  -

Has the GDA5 updated version for PS5 been postponed to 2022? –

GTA 5 updated version, Or the next gen update has been announced PS5 Xbox Series X in the same format | Coming to S, it could have been Postponed to 2022, Even if the question is very vague.

Someone had predicted that there would be an upgraded version of GTA5 for the PS5 this week, but it didn’t appear at the game event as we saw it, and that was considered. Suspicious, I.e., at least, the re-release of Rockstar games will not come in the future.

The new also contributes to strengthening doubts about its arrival in 2021 Commercial The PS5, released by ISN, shows some of the interesting titles planned for the new Sony console, including Ratchet & Clang: Rift, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Banned West and Grand Theft Auto V.

As for Ratchet & Klang: Except for the split, The Exit date Refers to what has already been announced for the game, or 11 June 2021, to Gran Turismo 7 which only says “is in development for the PlayStation”, but we already know that the game has been postponed to 2022. Apparently 2021 Horizon has not been banned. Half planned “, we read in the West, but only read” In Development for the PS5 “in the updated version of GDA5.

So there is no timeline for the new version of GTA5, which makes sense considering the title already exists Announced for 2021, The definition used was used for the Gran Turismo 7, which has been changed to 2022. In a nutshell, these are just rumors, but they all mean a postponement to the Rockstar game title, which is only an update to a game update already released on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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