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Has the astronaut, on the way to ISS, already returned to the moon with his vision?

Has the astronaut, on the way to ISS, already returned to the moon with his vision?

Thomas Baskett at the International Space Station on November 19, 2016; During his first stay. – ESA / NASA / AFP

  • Thomas Baskett will be aboard the International Space Station for six months this Friday, during which time he will assume the role of captain at the end of the mission.
  • What to add beautiful lines in the course of the famous French astronaut. Allow him to reach a higher goal? Because, very soon, new missions to the moon and the future gateway to the lunar station will open to astronauts.
  • Thomas Baskett doesn’t hide it, he dreams of it. It remains to be seen how much space the European Space Agency (ESA) will manage to secure for these astronauts on these new missions. If there is one for the French.

Here we are! A day lateUnfavorable weather on the runway, Thomas Pesket will depart for Cape Canaveral (Florida) at 11:49 a.m. this Friday
La Capsule Crew Dragon T Space X. Movement
International Space Station (ISS), 400 kilometers from Earth, he will arrive with three teams after 23 hours.

As for his first shelter, From November 2016 to June 2017, Thomas Baskett will be there for six months, writing a new beautiful page on French and European space history.

Can the situation change with this second trip?

The astronaut will actually sign many and break some records. Since he was the first European to join the ISS on the SpaceX capsule, since its departure, Millionaire Elon Muskin Company, When ships sailed aboard the former Russian ship Soyuz. There, Thomas Baskett will also become the French astronaut who spent most of his time in space. As planned for the last month of his mission, I.S.

Nothing, this position. “It’s like a boat, there is only one master after God,” the man commented at a news conference on March 16. Obviously, a lot of things are decided at the ground control center, but when things go bad and you have to act quickly, the commander decides, assigns a little bit of tasks, for example if we have to deal with a fire or a depression explosion ”. This is an acknowledgment, absolute Herv Stevens, Responsible for training in additional vehicle activities
European Astronaut Center in Cologne (Germany) and who, coaching Thomas Baskett. “This is a sign that his first job at ISS is considered successful, and he is considered experienced enough to hold this position,” he slips.

Moon to new horizon

We must not forget either Additional Vehicle Trips (EVA), When those subtle moments
The astronauts are scheduled to leave the ISS For operations in space. Thomas Baskett is already on two clocks. He plans four of the new shelters. “Thomas is not expected to participate in the announced official program,” said Christoph Soferton, director of education and science mediation.
Citta de l espace de Toulouse. “But as far as EVA is concerned, nothing really is set in stone,” Herv Stevens continues. It is sufficient that an eviction did not go as planned for the schedule to be changed and the roles to be redistributed. Thomas can participate in at least one spacewalk, not two. “

Anyway, the French will return to Earth – in principle by the end of October – with a solid CV. Capital for the future. Because if the ISS is currently the only viable destination for astronauts, the horizon should expand rapidly. If the first manned spacecraft to Mars were still a distant possibility, things would move towards the moon. Christoph Safferton distinguishes two projects launched by NASA. “Artemis, Which aims to bring a team to lunar soil by 2024, and then lead to arranging regular trips to our natural satellite, he begins. And
Gateway, Future Lunar Space Station, Its legislature will begin in 2024 ”. In other words, she will be the little sister of the ISS, but this time orbiting the moon at a distance of 400,000 km from Earth. Its commissioning has been announced for 2027. The gateway will then serve as an advanced base for astronauts on Artemis planes en route to the moon. Unlike the ISS, NASA still offers short-term (one month) and four astronaut stays if the gateway is not permanently inhabited.

A crew of four astronauts leaving for the International Space Station this Thursday. Thomas Baskett is leading from the left. – AUBREY GEMIGNANI / UPI / Shutterstock / SIPA

How many places for Europeans?

Golden opportunities for Thomas Baskett? In any case the Frenchman dreams of the moon, As he said 20 minutes In June 2019. But the seats are expensive and tough to negotiate. “This is mainly by contributing to the programs that space agencies receive as compensation for their astronauts,” explains Herve Stevens. ISS actively participates in the ISS process and has specifically provided
Son block ColumbusSince February 2008, one of its astronauts has been given a six-month flight every eighteen months. It’s been every year lately too. “

The ESA must be well placed to carry Europeans to the entrance. “The agency will provide three modules,” Christoph Safferton notes. On the other hand, with regard to the Artemis project and the crew landing on the moon, “NASA has more responsibility,” he continues. In February, The ESA marked all the same to begin negotiations with the American astronaut this year, thus allocating one seat to one astronaut. To hear Herv Steve speak, we may have arguments. “One of the projects explored at ESA is the automated cargo ship, which will make it possible to carry equipment between the gateway and the lunar soil,” he explains. If it works and NASA checks it out, we can get back flight opportunities. “

Strong candidates in the 2009 generation

All in all, “we already know that our three astronauts will be on the gateway in the coming decade,” Herv Stevens continues. If the first flights to the moon happened without the Europeans, it would not be possible for us to find a place in the next ten years. “

These are the opportunities for Thomas Baskett. But the French did not guarantee to get one of these tickets. One thing is for sure: in terms of the experience they need, these planes for Gateway and the Moon will be the generation of astronauts recruited by ESA in 2009 – including Thomas Basket – and not for anyone. She began to recruit. All in all, this generation in 2009, they were six. Even if we add seven
German Matthias Moorer, Then recruitment. Among them, German Alexander Gerst and Italian Luca Bermidano already have two passengers aboard the ISS, and both have control of the spacecraft. “ESA’s mission is to send its seven astronauts into space at least twice,” notes Herv Steven. The competition promises to be fierce. At 43, Thomas Baskett can be patient. “He’s at least 17 years old to fly,” he assures his coach.

* Americans Shane Kimbero and Megan McArthur, as well as Japanese Akihiko Hosheid

Being French, another property of Thomas Baskett?

If lEuropean Space Agency (ESA) Protects places for future missions to the moon, it remains to be seen what it will be Its 2009 generation of astronauts She will benefit from it. Of course, by the criteria taken into account, there will be experience and skill. The number of days spent in space, the number of extracurricular missions, an experience as a captain in the ISS …

But national races can also be taken into account. “Countries that are the largest contributors to the ESA budget are often overweight when selecting astronauts on a voyage,” said Christophe Soferton, from the European Astronaut Center in C டிte d’Ivoire and Herve Stevens, Cologne. And France is one of them. “But just like Germany and Italy,” they both recalled.

In other words, being a Frenchman, Thomas Baskett could have an advantage over Danish astronaut Andreas Mogenson or Britain’s Timothy Peek. But probably not the Italian Luca Bermidano and the German Alexander Gerst, they are already as rich as the French. Not on the Italian Samantha Cristoboretti, who is flying her second plane on the ISS, following in the footsteps of Thomas Pesket or German Matthias Moore.



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