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Europe downloads Astrogeneka and J&J: “All focus on Pfizer vaccines from 2022”

Presented by Marco Innocenti

A new agreement to deliver 1.8 billion doses by 2023 was soon signed

European union Messenger focuses on RNA vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and soon, understandable by Curewake. So stop buying AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson, Virus vector vaccines are considered obsolete. The announcement was made by President Ursula van der Leyen in 2022 Signing of the Third Agreement Presentation in discussion Pfizer, With presentation 1.8 billion dose Over a two-year period 2021-2023.

In Brussels offices, the technical details of the contracts are filled in, but the feeling that we want to achieve signing soon. Not only black on white Production of vaccines directly in the EU But of some of their essential components. A lesson Europe has learned from its skin suffering from AstraZeneca is that it provides vaccines to the UK, while at the same time reducing the doses imposed on EU countries.

Pfizer, Instead it says “a Reliable partner – said Van der Leyne – he respects duties, meets our needs and accelerates the delivery of quantities. Residence population criteria.

M-Arna vaccines are undoubtedly beneficial compared to viral vector vaccines. Suitable for so-called variations Of the virus.

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