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WhatsApp Pink: Be wary of this dangerous virus that controls your phone

WhatsApp Pink: Be wary of this dangerous virus that controls your phone

The WhatsApp Rose virus has been circulating through WhatsApp application newsgroups for weeks. By acting as an update, this malware causes users to lose access to their smartphones. Hackers steal all personal and sensitive data from a laptop.

Most people use WhatsApp to chat with their family or groups of friends during this time of lockdown. Reports say that hackers took advantage of this situation to spread the dangerous virus WhatsApp Pink. Live Mint Provided by Fredzone.

This link allows users to download fake email updates. This will allow you to access some features, such as changing the color of WhatsApp from green to pink. This is actually a scam. This APK file, once downloaded, will cause you to completely lose access to your smartphone. Then the pirates have to help themselves. They will even steal your bank details or your passwords.

Never download the APK file

Although this promise of new features clicked on some users, it invited some of them to share the link they received. This is how the virus is currently spread.

In a press release, the relay was done Gadgets 360, WhatsApp strongly encourages everyone to use caution before responding or doing. Mail users should “use the tools we provide in the app to send us a report, report a contact or block a contact.” Zidane Jain, an expert in cybersecurity, points out that it is always necessary to go through secure sites such as the Play Store or App Store, which control and verify the applications provided there.

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