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With 13 million subscribers, Xbox |  In partnership with E.A.  Xbox One

With 13 million subscribers, Xbox | In partnership with E.A. Xbox One

Electronic Arts is to be commended for its recent partnership with Xbox, and especially for getting the bulk of its list within the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This link actually made the publisher subscribe to 13 million subscribers for its video game service. Helped to achieve through play.

Andrew Wilson, Managing Director of EA, released exceptional growth figures during the company’s third quarter financial results. In fact, according to last December’s figures, the number of active users of the service has doubled in 3 months, connecting all sites from 6.5 million subscribers to 13 million (Xbox, PlayStation, Steam and Service EA client). According to Andrew Wilson, these interesting results are due to the partnership with Microsoft from November 2020.

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is reserved for subscribed console players, and will soon be available for PA players as well as EA. Access to the plaque must be provided. However, this did not answer a question about the partnership period and the presence of the offer on the Xbox list. So far no information has been leaked, but Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg has suggested it could be a long-term deal.

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