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Microsoft has changed the official font, showing Sun Valley by mistake

Microsoft has changed the official font, showing Sun Valley by mistake

Microsoft has announced a change in the Windows 10 Seco UI font.

Windows 10

Windows 10 // Source: Microsoft

Microsoft continues to be slow, but of course, to produce the next version of Windows 10 expected later this year. The Sun fence renovation In particular, we hope to come up with a new interface that will make the Windows experience more coherent and modern.

Segoe UI font is generated

If the Sun Fence is not yet official Rather transparent jobs, New Build Microsoft’s release of the Insider program is in line with this change. The Build The 21376 available for the Dev channel actually provides a newer version of the Seko UI font used by the operating system. This is a big project for Microsoft recently Microsoft has announced that the default caliber font will be discontinued in Office.

Here, the transition is so subtle, the question of updating the Segoe UI to make it very easy to adapt to such large screens. Surface center. Microsoft explains that fonts are historically designed differently depending on whether the fonts are available for use in small or large scenes. So the Segoe UI font will always change slightly depending on the size displayed optimally.

Microsoft notes that the font changes will be gradual: parts of the system may continue to use the old Seco UI. One can only hope that the company aims here to completely change its old policy for the release of Sun Valley. Otherwise promises of stability may fall quickly.

Rounded corners are coming

This next innovation is not yet officially included in the insider versions of Windows 10 Sometimes some traces can be seen. With Sun Valley, Microsoft needs to change the shape of windows to rounded corners, making this new version easier to distinguish from previous ones.

The first dialog box with rounded corners appeared in the screen shot on Microsoft’s official blog. This is an article dedicated to publication Rust for Windows v0.9, A tool for developers. In one of the screen shots, you can see a dialog box with rounded corners. This screenshot was quickly replaced with the same dialog box captured in the current version of Windows.

This shows that Microsoft employees are already using the advanced version of Windows 10 with more profound cosmetic changes. Apparently, this has not been shown yet.