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Hacking is active, do not respond to this message

WhatsApp is the target of a new hacking attempt. First, fraudulently targeted users receive Message with login code for two factor authentication. Then, a contact claims to have modified this code and asks you to retrieve it. Hackers behind the operation will take control of your WhatsApp account.

What ?, a British consumer magazine warns users Share. In the last few days, a scam has targeted Facebook instant messaging users.

In a post on Twitter, Witch? Describes the process used by hackers. First, you will receive via SMS Link code For two factor recognition. If you do not ask for the login code, you may be the target of a few hackers.

In the same case: Carrefour did not offer a € 250 voucher on Facebook and WhatsApp, which is a scam!

How is this hacking attempt on WhatsApp going?

Within minutes of receiving this SMS, a friend of yours on WhatsApp will contact you. “Hello, sorry, I sent you a 6-digit code by SMS, can you send it to me please? It’s a hurry “ Explains the message.

Non-compliance with your contact request is mandatory. Your friend’s account has been hacked. Thanks to his WhatsApp account, hackers are trying to trap other users. Chances are, hackers have sent the same message to your friend’s full contact list.

In fact, pirates Set up WhatsApp on the new device with your own phone number, Restored Leaked database. To complete the process, they absolutely need the link code sent by WhatsApp via SMS. “Your friend’s WhatsApp has been hacked – you are now the target! If you share the code, fraudsters will hack yours too ” Witch ?.

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If you have any doubts about the origin of the message received on WhatsApp, we advise you to contact your friend outside the news organization to confirm your report. Have you received a similar message on WhatsApp? We look forward to your testimony in the comments below.