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Hack: Carplay for Tesla with iPhone and Raspberry Pi

Hack: Carplay for Tesla with iPhone and Raspberry Pi

Tesla newcomers wonder how to use CarPlay in car, Answer: No. But now a solution is in sight, because a programmer has come up with a hack that surpasses Tesla.

Tesla builds its own user interface and does not feature CarPlay. Polish developer Michał Gapiński has provided a CarPlay hack that uses the vehicle’s browser. The CarPlay is not controlled on the Tesla by the touch screen but is controlled by the steering buttons.

Raspberry Pi, Android and iPhone

The project is still in its infancy and uses a self-configured version of Android running on the Raspberry Pi simulation of the Carplay receiver. The connection between the iPhone and the Raspberry can be made via USB or WLAN.

The Carplay plan for Tesla will be released

The developer wants to open his project to the public when it works best. When the time comes we will definitely try and show if the speed and usability are adequate. Until then, as a Tesla driver, you have to rely on the company’s own user interface that does not even support Apple Music. Of course, you can still play music from the iPhone via Bluetooth.

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your opinion?

Do you use CarPlay in your car? What is bothering you about the computer and what benefits does it provide? Feel free to write your thoughts in the comment fields below this post, we are very excited.

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