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Guild Wars 2: Icefruit Saga - Available March 9th

Guild Wars 2: Icefruit Saga – Available March 9th

NCSOFT and ArenaNet announce that the new episode of Guild Wars 2: The Ice Prot Saga will end on Tuesday, March 9, 2021. In preparation for the climax of this adventure, Guild Wars 2 players are waiting for new content.

Three new dragon relief missions will be available at Caledon Forest, Bloodstream Beach and Fireheart Hill – sites devastated by ancient dragons Jormak and Primordus. A new historical work draws Brahma’s attention, bringing his contact with the spirit of the forest one step further to fulfill his destiny.

Division recruitment continues: Shameless Coconut stands ready for war, making their unique weapons available to their new allies. After the chapter is released, three more sections will be available, with a new section being introduced every two weeks from April 20th. Dragon Slayer weapons from Episode 5 reach a new, third level and give ultimate power to those who wear them, while a new, unique Script Scepter shines glamorously to those who want more glossy spheres for their armor.

All four episodes of Episode 5 are available for free to all Guild Wars 2: The Path of the Fire Owners who signed in when the episode was released. The fourth chapter, “Judgment”, will appear at the end of April 2021.

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