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Guardian owls, Italians criticize steam, but do not ask for a refund -

Guardian owls, Italians criticize steam, but do not ask for a refund –

Baldo: Guardian owls In the face of the historical Italian studio NAPS team, his comrades are among the most harsh critics Moderate sales Among our home gamers. It is very low, at least in steam, despite the large number of copies sold in our country Refund.

To reveal this data, Fabio Capone, one of the developers of the NAPS team, explains why independent developers now refuse to translate games into our language. Facebook He wrote:

I would like to share this to clarify things. Do you know how many copies of Baldo are on steam from Italy? ’70 ‘, I say seven! More than half of all cash withdrawals that have ever taken place in the world have asked for a refund! Haha makes me laugh

Fabio Capone’s speech on Facebook

In essence, they are currently sold in Italy Steam 35 copies of Baldo: Guardian owls, very small number. The number of cash withdrawals is also impressive, which is relatively high, especially considering sales were better in other parts of the world. Someone bought the game, played it for less than two hours (compared to forty in total) and had the opportunity to leave mostly negative reviews before asking for a refund.

Assuming someone had taken it Console Others will play it on Apple Arcade, and it remains a mystery why Boot’s entire gaming population is commenting on the game. Do many people talk without starting it? We do not believe it. This would be an unqualified foundation for gamers who, as far as we know, only discuss in depth what they know.

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