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GTA6: Flitzer interrupts German TV show and tells to release

GTA6: Flitzer interrupts German TV show and tells to release


Information about GTA 6 is scarce and a release is not yet in view. It annoys a fan so much that he turns off a German live show on TV and asks about the release date.

No more information about GTA 6. (Source: Rockstar)

  • A GTA fan started a live show on ProSieben.
  • Fan asks about GTA 6 on the TV show “Schlock Ten Star”.
  • Evaluator Elton responded with confidence that the GTA 5 was not yet complete.

The fans have been waiting a long time GTA6, Because it is low GTA5 Released in 2013. The lack of information about the sequel to the popular series is particularly annoying to a fan.

That’s why he’s shutting down the German live show without further ado. “Beat the celebrityOf the sender Procyphene And that keeps all the fans in suspense asking the question: Where is GTA 6?

It is clear that presenter Elton does not know where GDA6 is. When the reviewer says so, GDA fan Elton asks to set an example and shout “Where the GTA 6 stays” on camera.

Elton is cool

The host of “Schlock Ten Star” responded briefly, saying that he had not yet played GDA5 until the end. With these words the fan is taken out of the stage and the show continues.

Once we get the information about GTA 6, you can find it in us Game Area. To narrow the gap, we will tell you Game-release-listNo games will appear in the future.

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