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GTA 5 sold over 150 million copies

GTA 5 sold over 150 million copies

Grand Theft Auto V will expand to its third-generation consoles when Rockstar re-releases the PlayStation 3 title on the PS5 later this year. It is a game that has enjoyed unparalleled success with over 150 million units sold to date.

It reflects both digital downloads and Blu-ray copies sold to retailers – not necessarily consumers – but looking at the sales schedule, there are no dusty cases on store shelves.

Incredibly, the entire GTA ownership sold a total of 350 million copies, so the fifth entry is almost half. Part of its longevity may be due to the success of GDA Online, which has received more than 40 updates since 2013 and is a bit of a beast these days. If you are interested in getting started, ours GDA Online Guide You have to help the position.

Meanwhile, Red Dead Redemption 2 has already sold 38 million units, which would be a shocking figure if this record is not written after GDA5 numbers. Rockstar says Arthur Morgan’s release is the second best-selling game in the United States for the past three years, which is a definite statistic but clearly a successful product. You can actually download and play Red Dead Recovery 2 PS5 now.

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