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GTA 3 was discarded on Microsoft Xbox, a major rating error -

GTA 3 was discarded on Microsoft Xbox, a major rating error –

An interesting background also emerges GTA3 From the documentary Power On Microsoft Online these days, whose plan came to light Rejected by the company on the first Xbox One of the biggest mistakes in rating in the history of the video game division.

The documentary in question refers to the history of the Xbox, and sheds light on many more Failures and mistakes Implemented by Microsoft, i.e. like closing Lionhead, it is now considered a major misdemeanor by Bill Spencer, especially within the third episode of the Mini-Series. In it, some of the preparatory moments for the introduction of the first Xbox are explored, with the brainwashing teams between the US, Europe and Japan creating the line for the new machine.

At this point, Kevin Buchs, head of third-party relations at Xbox, says Microsoft has held a meeting with “a small video game publisher” who plans to bring one of his games into the 3D environment. It was with the plan about Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto III, Which apparently did not convince those in charge of the Xbox at the time.

“I do not think the game is capable of converting to 3D,” said Microsoft technology leaders, which provoked even Bachchas. “They did not understand the interface and thought it was based on a game It was not very successful And to my surprise, they turned down the offer. “

We know very well how GTA 3 ended up exclusively on the PlayStation 2 and reached it. 14.5 million copies Sold: “It’s the best-selling game of 2001,” Bacchus recalled, “it would have been in 2002 if it had not been beaten by its own followers.”

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