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GSC GameWorld changes its mind and removes tokens and blockchains -

GSC GameWorld changes its mind and removes tokens and blockchains –

Update: Very exciting, GSC Sports World He decided Remove NFTs Gives Stalker 2: The heart of Chernobyl, So the whole question becomes clear and despite the reports a few hours ago the game will not be integrated with this kind of monetization system.

As you can read below, a few hours ago the developers of STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl explained in security the choice to insert NFTs attached to their game, but the reaction of the players was very negative, pushing them quickly. Return to their steps and remove NFTs from the game world altogether, although further explanations await, indicating that the metawares will be canceled.

“Dear Stockers, We are listening to your feedback. Based on the feedback we have received, we have decided. Remove Any NFT related initiatives for STALKER 2 “, reads new tweet.” The interests of our fans and players are paramount to the team and we create this game for you, no matter how expensive. If you care, we care. Sincerely, GSC Sports World. “Everything Canceled Despite the communications of the same developers a few hours ago, what is stated below.

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Stalker 2: The heart of Chernobyl Will contain some NFT Is linked to the game and although this topic is one of the most anticipated topics in 2022, this thing was not liked by a large number of players, which prompted the developers GSC GameWorld to provide explanation The idea he had on Twitter actually protects the vision of this particular business linked to the new game.

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In a long message in a picture spread through Twitter, then apparently Deleted, GSC Gameworld previously described the group as an independent studio with no publisher, but with “awesome” partners, which requires two sources: developers and money. “Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl is truly the largest and most complex game we’ve ever created,” they wrote, “and all the money we have during development, including potential revenue from NFTs, will be spent on improving the game.” .

Explaining why NFTs were chosen for STALKER 2, GSC Gameworld said that it was a new technology and that their intention was to use it in the “right” way, giving some fans the opportunity to enter the game. Without interfering with the experience of other players. “That’s why tokens are absolutely optional and They have no impact on the game or the story (It’s not about weapons, searches, environments, etc.) and they will only be activated before the game is released. “

“Yesterday, we announced the first tokens – i Faces of some NPCs. They are not even involved in the story, but some of you fear that we may go too far with these solutions. “GSC Gameworld explains that the purpose is to use the nicknames of NFT token holders in some elements of the game. Will then be released as a free update “, as well as card collections, only available through the DMarket operating system, not within STALKER 2.

DMarket, the developers explain, “is a site Blockchain Dedicated exclusively to video games, it operates in a private setting with connections to other networks (such as Polycon and Solana) that are particularly interested in reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions and negative environmental impacts.

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The tweet was deleted after a few minutes, but not before it was saved by various sources and reused. This step clearly indicates how GSC Gameworld is trying Containing damage While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Star Trek impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. Details about the game, such as the size and duration of the map, have surfaced in recent days.