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Green Tomaro | Let’s eat local more than ever!

Green Tomaro | Let’s eat local more than ever!

“The banana I eat, it travels more than me annoys me!” The worst thing is that it left a trace of carbon, which has no general knowledge of history! Fec I act like, no! We will eat what we have and what we have at home, ”says Real Boss, ambassador for the Eve Local More Ever campaign.

UPA invites you to download the app Eat local. Local farms, markets, processors, restaurants and businesses can be found here. Whether it’s a good food taster, or a source of local produce, you have a choice!

“Well, it’s fun to use! Because, in addition, it is very User friendly. It’s so easy, you just weigh the peak and put it on your phone. “- Real Boss

“It simply came to our notice then. First things first. Worse it costs nothing! Give it a try! Give it a try! Quite simply, ”said Gilbert Marquis, president of the UPA coalition in Pass-Saint-Laurent.

For many, it’s time to stop choosing foods without asking too many questions!

“Now it is ours! Do we like to eat things we do not know where they come from or do I eat products given to me by my friend near us? “- Real Boss

In short, this is the most important dialogue that needs to be re-established between producers and citizens.

“What we do today, we want to see the producers! We do it in France! We’m going to go to France to say, ‘We’re going to go the wine way!’

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