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Green Pass, What to do if you do not receive an SMS with the code.  Guide - Chronicles

Green Pass, What to do if you do not receive an SMS with the code. Guide – Chronicles

Bologna 6 July 2021 – These days, Many citizens Are receivingsms And this Mail of Ministry of Health Download Green Boss, The Document This proves that they were Vaccine, Should be Recovered from Govt-19 Or should have enjoyed Wipe with negative result In the previous 48 hours. Who did not receive sms Oh Email With Code (authcode) Green certificate can be downloaded To call The 1500 Ask for it or write it [email protected]. In both cases it is necessary to indicate your own Financial code, Date Vaccine, In Negative buffer Or date With the first positive cloth For emails that want to get the code to recover and download the pass.

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Green Boss (Ansa)

The Certificate Provided by the national site of Ministry of Health, In digital and printable format, and a QR code Check its reliability and validity. Depending on the case, it may be necessary to attend public events, access medical homes or other facilities, and move in and out of areas classified as “red zone” or “orange zone”. July 1 Is valid ‘EU Digital Govt Certification‘And makes it easy to travel to all countriesEuropean union e dell’area Schengen.

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European Green Boss and Italian Green Boss: What you need to know

Thursday, July 1st Came into effect throughout Europe The Green Pass Europio. Described by’s website European Commission, ‘EU Digital Govt Certification“Digital evidence that a person has been vaccinated – first and second dose, version – against COVID-19 disease, negative test result obtained, or recovered from the disease”. As the European Commission has always explained, The Green Boss Document available free of charge in digital and / or paper form, with QR code, in National Language and English Valid in all EU countries.

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However, that Green Pass Europio Offers some of what was launched last week Differences Compared to the green certificateItaly It will be released on June 17, 2021. Especially the documented valid differences between the first and second dose of the vaccine.

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European green bass and Italian green bass: where did the idea come from?

The idea of ​​creating a Certificate It allows the free movement of individuals at the European level and ensures protection from infection Govit-19, The January 27, 2021 Based on discussions between the Commission and member states within the network ‘eHealth‘From November 2020. The purpose set by the Commission is to admit citizens Start the journey again, Kovit-19 gives new life to the highly tried tourism sector due to the epidemic.

While waiting to reach an agreement for a community certification, the Commission offered each state an opportunity starting June 1, 2021 National Green Pass “Issued – reads the Commission’s website – they are ready to issue and verify certificates and have the necessary legal basis”. Even before Green Pass Europio, Therefore, from June 17, 2021, Italy began to issue its own Green Pass. It was Prime Minister Mario Draghi Sign the order with all the procedures and requirements for issuing the certificate.

For pass distribution, from June 17, Italy has also implemented a Website Special,, Important information is collected to obtain the document. Between the European version Green Boss And the Italian one, there are not many differences, but some are still significant.

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European and Italian green bass: differences

Unlike social rules, in Italy The Green Boss Already published 14 days After administration The first dose of the Govit vaccine. The second is the Green Pass after administration Valid for nine months. In the case Negative buffer, The certificate has a time limit 48 ore From the time the test was carried out, in the case Recovery from COVID-19 lasted 180 days (6 months).

But what is the difference between Italy and Europe? Over there European Commission That was established Green Boss ha Is valid Community only After the second dose Vaccine (first in the case of Johnson & Johnson single dose). In this case, the Green Pass issued by Italy after the first dose is only valid for national trips. However, thatEurope Gave freedom Member States Can establish national rules regarding allowing only vaccinated people to enter their borders. For example, as is Italy, And more inside Croatia, Austria e Czech Republic The Green Boss This is already valid after the first dose of anti-cow serum. But the choice is at the discretion of each state. So it is necessary before the trip to check the validity requirements of the Green Certificate for the country you are going to.

European and Italian green bass: how are they obtained?

How to get Green Boss They are different. In Italy the certificate is issued through the above site, Which is managed Ministry of Health. To access Walkway It is necessary to insert data Health insurance card Or by accessing Digital identificationSpeed Or electronic ID card – but in use immunity OrApplication IO, Which allows you to access all services Public administration. The certificate can be printed and saved, and will be available soon Regional electronic health record.

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If you do not have the computer or other tools to download the document, you can request it from your own General practitioner, pediatrician or pharmacist, Providing Health insurance card. Separate chapter for I. Children. All children Under 6 years of age I Exclude From both certification and testing; That 6 to 12 years, Can get a certificate because they are too young to access vaccines Molecular or antigenic testing.