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Green Boss, Day of Truth.  INPS unleashes isolation in companies

Green Boss, Day of Truth. INPS unleashes isolation in companies

MILAN, 22 Aug 2021 – Tomorrow will return to normalcy for many companies and workers: for millions of Italians after the summer holidays, a kind of test government for the new anti-Govt rules, introduced on Monday 23 August, primarily Green Pass. From August 6, green certification will be mandatory for entry into canteens parallel to public or private restaurants. The government has recently clarified the matter after Turin’s case: exceptions are not allowed, not even the military. Those wishing to sit in the canteen must be vaccinated or, at their own expense, to prove that they have not been infected by Govt. Surgery is durable, economically, and materially, and any kind of wax and green bass only represents a tricky vaccine duty.

The truth is that the company canteen is less pervasive than in the past and for some time many companies have been experimenting with various formulas related to the delivery of food to employees, sometimes in offices or rooms that are not strictly dedicated to food. For this reason, most entrepreneurs ask for Green Pass’s duty not only in canteens but in all enterprise-manufacturing locations. The unions fear that the introduction of green certification against those who do not vaccinate themselves may be discriminatory, with the result that companies are being asked to set up canteen rooms for those who do not have the famous QR code. “The canteens are very refined and safe places, there are flexiglasses, shifts, there are all the necessary precautions, they prevent any canteen from exploding,” said Mauricio Landini, Sigil Secretary, who equates them with restaurants.

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Tomorrow will also be a day for verification … Green Pass restrictions on canteen access are obviously up to the companies, but there is still an open discussion with the government on this matter: how will they be implemented? And by whom? For entrepreneurs, however, this can mean extra costs at a difficult time. If technical restrictions are not put in place with scanners, either internal staff or new staff should be hired – certainly not free-

The issue of costs becomes even hotter after the INPS circular, which “offloads” the cost of employee isolation, which can no longer be compared to the disease, on employers. This was reported by a company, according to which companies will inevitably not be accredited by the law until August 6, last year, during services that are not caused by “disease” through “INBS”. , Are forced to stay at home, unable to work, if in close contact with a person suffering from Govt disease. According to Unimpressa, if companies do not cover INPS services, workers will be paid between 600 and 700 euros a day for an average of 10 days of absence. However, it is a question of companies dealing with the damage, which can be doubled: managing the absence of employees can be halved even in the event of business infections, so with the consequences on the operations of the company, and at the same time, the “holes” in the salaries of employees are ultimately a burden of compensation.

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