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Green Boss comes with an application to verify certificates: how it works and who can use it

Green Boss comes with an application to verify certificates: how it works and who can use it

With the Green Pass obligation for certain activities, checks will also come. The green passport from August 6 – is obtained as soon as you receive the vaccination certificate (issued 15 days after the first dose and valid for the second or second dose and valid for 9 months), with a certificate of cure (valid for 6 months) and a negative result of a tampon carried out in the previous 48 hours – Indoor restaurants, outdoor shows, spas, swimming pools, gyms, exhibitions, conferences and competitions, bars, but no need to dine at the counter, even indoors.

Therefore, checks are also required to verify the validity and authenticity of Green Certificates, which citizens can display in paper and digital versions. Will be carried out by checks Verification Application C19, Developed by the Ministry of Health through SOGEI.

Verification can be C19 application Only “checkers” use, Or COVID-19 Green Certificate Controller, who is responsible for providing certification retention services and organizing events and activities to participate in the holding of the same certification, as well as officials involved in performing activities related to the general public.

In particular, the application allows you to read the QR code of the COVID-19 green certificates and graphically verifies the certificate’s authenticity and validity, as well as the holder’s name, surname and date of birth.

The process for using the verification application, in particular, is divided into the following stages: The verification requires a certificate from the interested party, who will display the relevant QR code (in digital or paper form). The application continues with authentication verification by reading the QR code, extracting the information and verifying the digital signature, which then maps the verifier’s true authenticity and validity and the holder’s name, surname and date of birth and map. Its unique identifier.
At the request of the verifier, the holder will display the correct identification document for the purpose of verifying the letter of personal data contained in the document along with the documents displayed in the application. All sensitive data in the Green Pass is not stored by the application in connection with privacy.

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