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Govt spends $ 57,000 in compensation for a Pokemon card: Arrested for fraud -

Govt spends $ 57,000 in compensation for a Pokemon card: Arrested for fraud –

A strange case of a man is coming from Georgia, USA, according to a restructuring of federal agents. A good $ 57,000 was spent For a single Pokemon card Very rare, but the problem is, he would have used the money for surgery Government Finance Covid was awarded compensation for the damage caused, and thus charged with fraud.

According to the Telegraph, Vinod Automsine, who lives in Dublin, Georgia, would have sought financial support from the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program, which would allow those whose businesses have suffered major damage due to disasters to receive cash. Different types, charges in this case Developed by Covit-19.

Oudomsine demanded money for his own money Business Covit-19 was deeply devastated by the epidemic, and unfortunately is now a very common situation, so EIDL funding was provided for it.

Ash and his comrades in prison from a scene in the Pokemon animated series

The proceeds will be used to pay “salaries, mortgages or rent, equipment costs and other ordinary business expenses” under U.S. government regulations.

In contrast, our Oudomsine, after receiving $ 85,000, seems to have spent $ 57,789 to purchase a very rare unidentified Pokémon card. However, this is not a very rare and expensive one, as some cards go for hundreds of thousands of dollars, meaning that since 1999 the Charizard holographic has sold for almost $ 400,000.

However, this is certainly not an expense that would be allowed to be made using EIDL’s special funds, in conjunction with that Contradictions Authorities found out at the request of the person concerned. To get the funding, he owned a company with ten employees and reportedly made a turnover of over $ 200,000, but that did not come back with Oudomsine’s real data.

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In short, everything sparked an investigation, which revealed the bizarre case of the Pokemon card: at this point, the man is in danger. Guilty of fraud Tax, which could lead to him being jailed for up to 20 years in the United States and fined $ 250,000.