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Govt-19: Can I repay the PCR test done abroad?

Govt-19: Can I repay the PCR test done abroad?

While Social Security guarantees free PCR and antigen testing in France, the question arises as to whether there should be a paid check at the border for unvaccinated French travelers abroad. But is it their responsibility or repayment, will prices rise to several hundred euros per person?

In fact the answer is not so simple, again it depends on the country you are staying in. In your vacation expenses, you should take into account PCR testing in some states, while others promise free testing.

Countries where the test is free

In the event you go to Europe, be aware that Norway, Denmark and northern Macedonia offer nothing to pay travelers, trials are free and covered by states like France.

In Germany – the federal country – the region of Bavaria also offers free admission. But this is not the case in other parts of the country.

Countries that can repay under certain conditions

If you travel to all EU member states (be careful, the United Kingdom no longer counts), a refund procedure is provided if you want to pay for PCR and antigen tests. Note that this procedure is accepted in Switzerland (a non-EU member state). But beware, these refunds are only possible under the terms … The site (Social Security) states: “Tests of medical quality (presence of symptoms), on medical recommendation, necessary examination during French health insurance should be carried out immediately.” Clearly, you If you are abroad for work or tourism and you have no symptoms when you return, the tests will not be refunded.

If the symptoms of Covit-19 appear and you need to take a PCR test, a refund process is possible. Two options are proposed:

– You have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), a free application Available here From the Amelie website. It is sufficient to present the refund procedure during the examination to be automatically sent to the French health insurer.

– Either you do not have EHIC. You need to download Form S3125 Available here Before sending it to your health insurance fund, complete it when you return to French territory. “The invoice for the test carried out and the medical prescription or medical certificate should be attached to this form as supporting documents,” Amelie explains.

Countries that have not repaid in full

Travelers traveling outside the EU and the European Economic Area cannot be trusted to reimburse 100% of the costs associated with their screening. If you are returning from a country outside the European borders, you may need to take a test that can sometimes reach over 300 euros per person.

However, the French plan to refund 27% of the amount of the social security check, but a refund of more than 35 euros will be charged. The process then takes place with Form S3125 Available here Before sending to your health insurance fund, you must complete it upon return to France. Again, remember to attach the invoice and medical prescription or medical certificate for the test performed as supporting documents.

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