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Govit-19: How to Get a Fake Health Pass, Antivox's Favorite Techniques

Govit-19: How to Get a Fake Health Pass, Antivox’s Favorite Techniques

The government is hunting for fake health cards. More than 100,000 people are in circulation in France, according to the Interior Ministry. But how do antivoxes get them?

This Thursday, December 16th, Ministry of Home Affairs Was reported to have identified the triviality of 110,000 false health passes. The number of dizziness has doubled with one hundred arrests and 400 trials. Knowing that The France To face 5th wave of Govt-19 And new Control measures May be announced later this Friday Security Council. More intensive care units are overcrowded with unvaccinated Govt patients, for the most part Fake health pass.

But how do they get a fake health pass? In fact, nothing can be simpler. With real QR codes, there are 3 ways to actually get them, starting with the fact that these are genuine fake health passes.

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Three methods

First: Download Health Pass From someone else. Baby game. But who will get stuck in the first identity check with a different name on the pass and papers.

Second: Re-download the correct Health Pass, but this time change the first and last names, for example, using editing software. Possible but dangerous. Again, on first identification verification, the card is broken.

The third solution and this is the most common: consult a health professional who is appropriate for the vaccine. In fact, The Doctors, For example, have access to Sideb (screening information system) and Sivak (vaccine) software, through which they can generate QR codes. A physician may thus act “by faith” and obtain false health passes.

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Fakes also play the role of intermediaries. In its report, BFM TV contacted one of them. The procedure was simple and well oiled: he contacted his “client” with a doctor. Before issuing a valid health pass in his name for 400, the doctor would have injected him with a physiological serum injection instead of the anti-govt vaccine.

Other fraudsters have directly hacked doctors’ credentials to gain access to QR codes.

Counterfeiters are liable to up to 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 for possession, supply and use of forged administrative documents.

Keep in mind that statistics prove it every day: the vaccine plays its full role in these infections, preventing vaccinated people from contracting severe forms of goiter, but from giving or sending a positive test.

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