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Gotham Knights Co. plays better, developers say •

Gotham Knights Co. plays better, developers say •

  • According to WB, Gotham Knights is specially designed in co-op mode
  • The battle mode is usually slightly different than the arc titles
  • All the characters get experience even if you go to war with others

According to developer WB Montreal, one can expect a slightly different battle mode in Gotham Knights than previous Arcum titles. Superhero fights will be primarily designed in co-op mode, the studio now announces.

In Gotham Knights, announced last August, you slip into the roles of upcoming superheroes Knightwing, Robin, Red Hood and Badgirl and fight the villains in the open world. Like right now: Gotham One Batman? Well, because as we already know, Gotham Knights takes place after the death of Bruce Wayne, and the fate of the city is now in the hands of the young heirs.

But WB Montreal says there are not only new heroes, but also one New approach To the war organization. Beating with villains is said to be specially designed in co-op mode for two people. In conversation with GameSrotter Managing producer Fleur Marty says the games should be similar to previous Arcum titles, but will have “more variety and challenges” – what the finished game means, do mouth watering social.

In addition to the beautiful words, Marty is a little more specific about the superhero fights in Gotham Knights: “We’ve completely redesigned the combat system so it works well in Cooperative,” he says. Still, “… some of the dynamics may not feel completely strange to people who have played and enjoyed the Arkham series, but it’s very different in many ways.”

As Creative Director Patrick Redding says, the co-op system was considered particularly relevant in a superhero world: it’s always been about teams, friendship and cooperation, and this system should perform better at Gotham Knights.

In addition, according to Fleur Marty, you can switch to another character at any time in the game until you return to Belfry. After Bat Cave, Belfry is the new headquarters of Batman Clans. So you can go to the site to change the characters there – well, it looks amazing and new in a game with so many main characters.

What’s even more interesting is that the progress of the game is distributed across all characters, including the ones you don’t currently play. So you accidentally ignore a character’s level of ability. “The other members of the Batman family are always in the background in some form, so they will not be idle when you are fighting in the world or revealing secrets. So it makes sense that they too should grow and strengthen,” it says. So you can really change at any time without experiencing major disadvantages.

The pure single player community may be disappointing at first, but without Gotham Knights absolutely nothing to do – although the combat system was primarily designed for co-op you can still play the game alone. These works will look great during the year – but the official release date of Gotham Knights for PC, PlayStation and Xbox is yet to come.

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