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Google's new operating system enters the Fuchsia Nest Center

Google’s new operating system enters the Fuchsia Nest Center

Fuchsia, the mysterious operating system that Google has been customizing for years, has its first focus: it will be used in the first generation of Nest Hub.

First rumors about Fuchsia (They are pre-2017), It is very difficult to guess the motives of Google behind this operating system. The search engine has lifted a corner of the veil and announced that it will be upgrading to get Fuchsia to replace Nest Hub’s first-generation Linux-based cast OS launched in 2018.

Sensible but decisive publication

There will be no change in functionality or interface, in fact the user experience will be similar. One reason why the transformation of this machine is obvious is that Google’s connected screens interfaces and applications are built with flutter, which is designed to streamline the experience across multiple platforms, including Fuchsia.

So for Nest Hub users, this may not be an event and they are not even sure if they will notice anything. But for Google, this full-scale concept (but on a smaller number of devices) would be invaluable: it could find out what’s in Fuchsia’s stomach and change the operating system to suit this situation.

This means that Google has taken a step further in the development of Fuchsia. The team believes that the operating system is robust and powerful enough to take its first steps with users who are not engineers or beta testers. Not to be outdone on smartphones and computers, the Internet of Things should also shed light on Google’s ambition for the coming months with this new platform.

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