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Google wants to reassure you by highlighting trusted extensions in Chrome

Google wants to reassure you by highlighting trusted extensions in Chrome

Google has upgraded its identity for Chrome Web Store extensions. No longer, some extensions are entitled to badges certifying their quality.

Google Chrome

Extensions are a part of web browsers. These tools not only allow users to customize their browser experience from one webpage to another, but also to obtain information about a particular color, download an image in a different format, or save up to a third of webpages. – Party Service.

Google has long provided its own store, the Chrome Web Store, for downloading third-party applications and extensions for its Chrome browser. However, this store may seem more confusing than what the company offers on the Google Play Store. Very few variants are provided, making it difficult for users to know whether the downloaded application was actually created by the original service or by a third party who took the APIs from it.

To make things clear, Google has announced Thanks to two new badge settings, some new features for its Chrome Web Store this Wednesday.

The web store features two badges

Sure, some apps can be dubbed Google with a badge “Choice” (Featured In English). This badge is awarded by Google Groups for Chrome extensions that meet Google’s technical specifications, add real value to users and display a detailed download page.

The second badge now displayed in the Chrome Web Store is a simple “V” on a small medallion. This method is about highlighting extensions created by a verified developer whose identity is known to Google. This time, the badge will be issued automatically upon verification if the developer already has a positive history with Google services. Logically, it would be easier for developers to get an extension that has already provided services in the past, but can get it after new extensions. “At least a few months”.

Note that you do not need to go through the Chrome Web Store to download Chrome apps. Although the Google Store is very secure, other applications can be downloaded as .crx files from sites such as Github or directly from the developer’s site.

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