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Google updates Play Store on time for Galaxy Watch 4

Google updates Play Store on time for Galaxy Watch 4

Google has adapted the Play Store on smartphones and smartwatches to make it easier to download apps on Wear OS.

Digwatch Pro3 Watch under Wire OS //: Source: Frontroid

Digwatch Pro3 Watch under Wire OS //: Source: Frontroid

Earlier in the month, some users of Ware OS watches noticed a major change in their Software interface of DocWand. Google actually modified its design somewhat Pages d’Applications OS on the Google Play Store. Finally, Google confirmed the innovation in a post released Monday on a support site dedicated to the root OS.

The company confirms a number of new features expected for the version of Google Play Store on Ware OS. For example, directly from the Google App Store, on smartphones, users can easily choose whether they want to install an app on their phone, smartwatch, or both devices, by clicking the download button using the simple drop-down menu when clicked.

In addition, Google has reviewed application search filters. Thus, by typing “See” Or “Dial”, The machine will understand that we are specifically looking for applications dedicated to the root OS. Type pages also come to the Play Store for Type OS applications and watch faces.

On attached watches, the Google Play Store will be upgraded based on the new design The subject is you – Designed interface Android 12. A card system can easily find the types of apps you want to download on its watch.

New features for the Galaxy Watch 4 will arrive in due course

These new features are just in time for the root OS redesign. As Google announced during the I / O, this redesign is intended Connect the operating system to Tyson, Samsung OS for connected watches. In fact, the next watches from the Korean manufacturer will be released under the root OS. It is expected that at the right time, Samsung will deliver the exciting new digital Galaxy Watch4 And Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, On August 11th Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 release.

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For its part, Google warns that Root OS will repair the Play Store for watches. Next weeks More without further clarity.