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Google Update Google Chrome Now ஆப Dangerous bug found -

Google Update Google Chrome Now ஆப Dangerous bug found –

“Update Google Chrome Now”, a warning issued by the same California company following the discovery of a security flaw, Has been registered as CVE-2021-21148. According to Google, this is a zero-day vulnerability already exploited by cybercriminals on desktop devices. In Mountain View, in fact, they were announced on January 24 by researcher Matthias Beaulens.

Vulnerability has already been exploited: Update

Although more detailed information has not been released, thanks to checks carried out on the network, Google confirmed the existence of this flaw and actively exploited it by attackers. For this reason, the California company has been available for work since Thursday, February 4 – an update to its browser that can protect users. The updated version of Chrome for Windows, Mac and Linux is 88.0.4324.150.Your browser background may be updated automatically, but make sure you check it out for yourself.

How to check if an update has been made

Do it – As explained on the official Google Support page -, When Chrome opens, click the button marked with three dots set vertically in the upper right. Then we select Help and finally, about Google Chrome: On the opening page, you can check the version of Chrome and if it is not updated, the browser will start downloading updates. It may be sufficient to restart Chrome to complete the update at this point.

February 8, 2021 (change February 8, 2021 | 10:28)

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