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Google thinks the boss has figured out the right speed for telecommunications

Three days office work and two days telecommunications. This is a sample of what Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, has to offer to its staff. According to him, this is the right balance. As reported Business Insider, The technology company adopted this three / two project in December 2020.

The leader returned to the subject during a media hosted podcast The Wall Street Journal, Matt Murray. According to him, the three days of work on the site are important for the integration of the team. Two days of long-distance work allows employees to avoid long trips.

Telecommunications is controversial in technology companies

In this regard, Sundar Picha mentions: Even in places like New York and San Francisco our staff had to deal with long trips, which is a real problem. So I think people will get the best balance in the three / two model.

Mountain View plans to expand its facility in New York. The idea is to create workplaces “ More collaboration and more fun .End.

At other technology companies, returning to work on site is not always unanimously appreciated. At Apple, if management is supportive, some employees prefer telecommunications. Proponents of long-distance work specifically argue that this helps to avoid being too close to headquarters where real estate prices are high.

Tim Cook does not really have this opinion, and he announced his desire to work in office in September 2020: ” Obviously, this is not like being physically together. So I can not wait until everyone returns to the office. (2) So, I think most of us can’t wait to come back to the office.

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