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Google Stadia is slower than ever: this feature was expected by many gamers

Google’s cloud gaming platform has released a new update and introduced it The feature that fans have been waiting for a long time. But what is it about?

Google Stadia is one of the most used services by Google users –

Google Stadia Improved their service by one Star update And he really needed it. He was highly anticipated from what we knewUser, And of course see and considered a cause involving his own Games. In particular, it is about the possibility of entry Even easier Inside The lobby of others.

In fact, new additions need to be made – for now – only a few Titles, Come For Cry6 For example, but it may be available in the future Products Strange and well known and played Users.

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Although it has been two years since the introduction Google Stadia, On stage, unfortunately, there is some more Disadvantages To be fixed. Of these, i Players Indicates the absence of many features Basic and beHowever, in others Services.

Recent feature enabled

Google Stadia is slower than ever: this feature was expected by many gamers
Although new features have been introduced, in practice they have already been around for some time, on other services –

However, Google She was not abandoned Reviews And his updated Application By entering one Function Many were expecting to see it someday. No longer, in fact, is it possible To participate At A player’s match Without the need to wait Was invited.

However, as mentioned earlier it is good to remember that Stadia has introduced one New page And this i Multiplayer titles, Exactly For Cry6, Can participate in this Game Sessions Independently.

Remember even if it is together Special addition, The latter is already several years in both PlayStation Than on Xbox, As well as PC. Unlike them, Google has decided to insert thus The system can be activated And that’s not the default, so we just have to do it It can be used.

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The way it can be used Very simple and intuitive, But for accuracy we will explain it to you anyway. Enough is enough “Privacy settings“, Then”Your activities“, Then”Current game“Finally we have to change the people who can participate in our games by choosing”All players“Oh”Friends“.