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Google service has now been canceled - users are angry about data loss

Google service: Warning to users – offer will be canceled

A Google service will be shut down soon and all user data will be deleted.

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Internet company Google’s “Google Play Music” service will be canceled. Anyone who has been a user of a music app before should hurry up – otherwise all data and music will be gone forever.

North Rhine-Westphalia – mid-2020 Google Offer already announced “Google Play Music“Abolished. Now it is becoming more serious for users. You have to hurry before the music is all gone.

ShiftGoogle Play Music
Release16. November 2011
SitesAndroid, Android TV, iOS, web browser

Warning to users: Google deletes service data – offer will be replaced by “YouTube Music”

Google is now alerting users “Google Play Music“In an email All data and music Protect as soon as possible. Because soon they will no longer be available Removed irrevocably desire. This service has been with Google since December 2020 No longer applicable.

According to the information in the email, The “Google Play Music” – Nutser Still Until February 24th Time – a good two weeks – save everything. That includes the whole Music Library, All own uploads and purchases. But there must also be the remaining data owned by an account Google Clear.

Google service will be canceled: Warning to users – Users angry about lost data

But why save data? The Music offer from “Google Play Music” Coming soon “YouTube Music“Accepted. On top of that Google Data Export So users can transfer their data to the new provider.

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“Service”Google Play Music“Released in 2011 and is Google Playstore Currently over 5 million downloads. Ann Smartphones With Android operating system The application is already installed by default. You can use the app Free Use or go ahead with the subscription and stream more songs without interruptions.

Warning to users: Google service will be canceled – users think this is “a complete chin”!

However, the ratings are very poor – The Music application Reaches only 3.3 out of 5 stars. Nonetheless the bad rating seems to be high due to this move Web light Lies (all News about digital At

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With the new “YouTube Music” app, a user is allowed to run his temper for free: “What does this mean?” YouTube Music Is the last scrap. Everything I bought here will remain the same Advertising Interrupted! My playlists can Not playing. A song I have to go manually. A complete Chin. “.

Google service will be canceled: “This is a great app” – offer will be replaced by “YouTube Music”

Others are very happy as well Music application They said: “This is the best app I know of, and now everything is gone? I loved this app and it is good quality and you can listen to songs even if you turn off your phone and I thought that was the best thing. “Previous users of the music app also complained about the songs”Google Play Music“To new provider”YouTube Music“It doesn’t work.

Currently there are changes not only in “Google Play Music”. Messenger company WhatsApp will soon change its terms and conditions. However, users need to be careful.

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