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Google pixel 5

Google reveals the message that it is already working after Android 12 Pixel 6

Fans are the target today though Google Pixel6 e Pixel 6 Pro, Who are the stars of the next event Created by Google, Already wondering what will happen after the Mountain View presentation, the new smartphones are not already in operation. Other news will also come from the software page, as a testament to some of the unpublished images of the new version Google Translator, Which is the introduction with the sixth generation pixels.

Three new pixels

A careful analysis of the apps included in the latest Android 12 beta has revealed the codenames of three new devices we have not yet heard of. In all likelihood, it will be placed next Oriole e Redfin, I Code names for Pixel 6 and Pixel 5, These are the new smartphones that can be announced Google In the next few months.

In particular, the names emerged Whitefin, Pbit e Bluejoy: The last two bird species, according to the two models of the Pixel 6 series, the name of the first one fish, following the tradition of all the pixels provided so far. Tips for the model Whitefin Were found in the code Google Camera, With the Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and the common hardware platform for both smartphones.

This could be the device used to test new cameras and a new neural core chip at the Qualcomm site. As has happened to other devices in the past, we will face A device that does not see lightBut, let’s see if anything changes in the next few months.

There is a single reference to Bluejoy In the Android 12 beta code, a different code name appears next to the code names used by Google from Pixel 3. In recent months, there has been talk of a model Blueboard, Which may be a combination Bluejoy e Passport, Follows a long tradition of linked code names.

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So it is possible Bluejoy Both The new code name for the Google leaflet Or two models work, perhaps with completely different shape factors. Looks like the new device is for sure White Chapel uses the GS101 chip, Making its debut with the Pixel 6 series next fall.

Less information for PbitHis name appears alongside other pixels in the Google Camera code, even if isolated from others. This is the same “treatment” assigned to pixel 4a, 4a and 5a, which suggests that it may be Code name for Google Pixel 6a, It is not expected to see light before mid-2022 and can use the White Chapel chip made by Google.

Google Translate does this trick

Instead, a preview of the new Google Translate interface comes via a tweet from the XDA developers, who may be making their debut at the start of the Google Pixel 6 series. Two images related to the two images can be found in the gallery below Show the current version, the many aesthetic discoveries that are coming.

You can see how the language selection buttons, voice input and camera are moved to the bottom of the screen, Facilitate one-handed use of the application, Avoiding obscurity by going to use translated text. This increases the space for entering the text to be translatedLarger than the small box in the current version of the app. Let’s see if this is a definite feature of Google Translate or if there is room for some other changes before getting started.

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