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Google Maps is very complete and dynamic

Google Maps is very complete and dynamic

Like Google I / O, Google Maps and LiveView play a role in announcements. More detailed maps, dynamic information, live view … there are many new features.

In the case of Google I / O, Mountain View returned to its many services, It starts with the workplace, An online work environment system made up of Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc. Google Maps, the world’s most popular mapping software, also got its new features.

Ride safely

The first innovation of Google Maps was announced by Sundar Pichai at the beginning of the conference. This is safe routing, a new option that uses road conditions, weather and traffic density to track the route with abrupt stops. Braking on roads is known to be particularly dangerous.

The maps are also made in more detail. Google Maps now receives information such as pedestrians or traffic lights.

Direct view is very complete and accessible

Directly from the map, you can access the live view with a single click. The view then shifts to the magnified reality on your smartphone, which allows you to gather a lot of information around you, such as stores, restaurants, and so on. Convenient to find out if a restaurant is well rated and see photos of dishes.

To this end, Google will add practical information such as signs directly on the road to find the name of the street or points that will make you want to know everything about this monument or your hotel in front of you. It works In some indoor spaces.

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More dynamic maps

Google Maps also wants to be the best by displaying the most relevant information depending on the time of day. Cafes and bakeries in the morning, restaurants at noon, bars at night… or interesting places to see if you are visiting a new city.

In the midst of an epidemic, Google also adds interesting information: the occupation of an area. At a glance, you can tell if the neighborhood is more crowded than usual.

These new features will be released in the coming months. For some of them this sorting will be gradual.