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WorldSBK boss Lavilla downloads the ups and downs of 2020

WorldSBK boss Lavilla downloads the ups and downs of 2020


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Gregorio Lavilla gives his thoughts on the 2020 World SPK Season. It sheds some light on former racer speech protocols, new formats, the title battle between Jonathan Rhea and Scott Redding, and the voyages of 2021.

How do you think the season went?

“Well, I think we’re very happy considering that this was not a normal season. Achieving our goal was not so easy, we had a lot of uncertainties throughout the year. We set our goal in June, we did it by the end of July. I think the race was the best, everything It went as planned, not many difficult situations.We are all happy with how the season went.A lot of people thanked us for putting up a championship, yes we did, but to continue the championship, it is the responsibility of everyone in the yard to follow the rules.I thank everyone involved because of their Without cooperation, it is not really possible. ”

What is the biggest challenge this season?

“In the beginning, it’s all about looking at what tracks are happy to host an event. The circumstances we proposed – except for the actual Portimao and Magni-course – were behind closed doors. The first challenge was to find rounds that could do this, because setting up a world championship is not easy when you do not have the money that the fans bring. Then, we had to set a protocol and third, we had to get our community and the movement of the championship; We had to sign letters recognizing personnel coming from outside the Schengen area.

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However, we do not know if these special permissions will suffice as everything is changing daily and you always have that suspicion. The weekend before Magnie-Course, there was a change in restrictions, which means that even if the teams had already traveled, we could not run the event, which was a terrible situation. I was relieved to get the season over and it was so stressful! “

About the dual races on WorldSSP and WorldSSP300, how were they?

“With a small number of events – I don’t know how many we can do, there could be two, three, four, etc. – I felt we had to take extra action for the other classes. I thought we would fit in with our minimum number of races.In this way, we can at least say that this is a ‘real’ world championship.The second thing is to give more visibility to all the teams in the class, to help secure their budgets and to show more of their supporters, especially this Tough times. Overall, we and the teams have been happy this season. “

What are your thoughts on action and excitement in 2020?

“Even if the championship goes back to its original 13-round scheduled calendar, I think the title fight will still be there until the end. Yes, people will say ‘the same guy won in the end’, but the bet is betting and there is no such clear advantage from anyone in any particular situation. Kawasaki was strong There were tracks, then there were others Ducatis and some, Yamaha and Honda in the mix.We look at this and in the future, we should have a solid foundation for better, more exciting racing because, as I say, the championship has grown throughout the year. They are working hard to compete in the new model and I really look forward to 2021, and I’m very optimistic that we should have more close races. ”

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How hard was it to finish the season?

“I think we need to establish two things: our own protocol and the ethic in each country and region. Wore, it went very smoothly. From teams and officers to catering and hospitality, we’re constantly monitoring the compliance of our path. It has become a routine, which has made it possible this season. “

How did the round go in Estor, and what do you think is the future for the round?

“It was a big surprise because it’s a route I ‘ve never been on. Possibilities and the future and we are in conversation these days. My job is to finalize the proposed calendar for 2021, which is currently on the table in Estor, and we hope we can add it. ”