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Google is expanding its G Suite legacy to add new collaboration functions

Google is expanding its G Suite legacy to add new collaboration functions

Google has announced new functions for the workplace as part of the Internal I / O Developer Conference. The heir of the G-suite is increasingly being adapted for collaboration, and a new way of working with someone called the “smart canvas”.

Google describes the smart canvas feature as “the next evolution of collaboration for the Google workplace”. Upgrade the smart canvas G-Suite before Google It’s called the Office Site with Docs, Sheets and Slides, so it becomes “more flexible, interactive and smarter”. Any new features that Google claims will lead to better collaboration should be available by the end of the year.

Google Workspace receives “smart chips” as a new component

The so-called smart chips are part of the new smart canvas process. They can be used to add suggested files, people, or appointments in the doc using the appropriate பொருத்தமான ID for the work process. When smart chips are inserted, they provide a short user profile with document title preview or job title, status and other details, depending on whether they are documents or persons. Smart chips will go on the sheets in the coming months.

In addition, Google will insert checklists in Docs for mobile and desktop viewing so that tasks can be recorded faster and assigned to colleagues. In addition, it is possible through project tracker tables to record milestones and current status during the project. Tasks are also listed in the Google Tasks list to facilitate task assignment.

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Another construction module for the workplace is a new document template for capturing meeting notes: all calendar meeting invitations, including smart chips and attached files for participants, must be imported into it.

Docs has new table templates that help users create voting tables on specific topics in order to get feedback from the group.

Google Integrated Meeting in the Workplace

Google is further digging into its workspace: the new, pageless format in Docs allows extensive use of content on any device or screen. In addition, the new views on the sheets will help you better manage and interact with the data.

Workspace enables video calls in Docs. (Image: Google)

A chronological view also seems practical, making it easier and quicker to track tasks. It provides the opportunity to organize tasks according to the user, according to the owner data and categories, campaigns or other related attributes.

For quick video calls with the team, according to Google, the content can be delivered directly from docs, sheets and slides on the web to the workplace via Google Meet in the future. During the fall, Google Meeting will integrate it directly into Docs, Sheets and Slides. It is designed to help teams see and hear each other when working at a distance. To avoid wasting too much space for videos on the screen, you can turn off video feeds and turn off your own feed.

Alternatively, sheets and docs can be created and edited in chat rooms. This makes it possible to switch directly from the discussion in the chat to the production mode. This functionality will be extended to the slides over the next few weeks.

Google Workspace: You can create documents directly in the chat. (Image: Google)

Another innovation is the support for emoji reactions in Docs, which will be available in the next few months.

Google Workspace with Writing Help and Smart Sheets

Google Workspace gets the “Help Writing” function. (Image: Google)

Google offers its workspace as an “Assisted Writing” function for Docs: which, according to the company, displays warnings about dangerous words or language and other stylistic suggestions. Its purpose is to speed up editing and improve writing.

Papers should also become better: In the web version, suggestions are made to help formulate and adjust formulas using analytics functions. This makes it easier for non-Excel experts to gain knowledge from data.

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