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The best torrent sites for searching and downloading software

The best torrent sites for searching and downloading software

Torrent websites have a really bad name in our internet world because of pirate software and applications. However, there are many open source and free applications that can be downloaded from various websites. Here we will show you the best torrent sites that we can use to get such software.

Note: The best torrent websites listed here are for informational purposes only and we do not condone or support the sharing of any copyrighted material. Therefore, any illegal software download or malware is the sole responsibility of the user. So, make sure you don’t get caught up in things like this.

So, let’s take a look at the websites that are popular among the users, to download different types of free and open source software… Also, all the links of these websites can be easily found in Google search, go and search for them You can find the best results. Also, be sure to use ad-blockers to prevent intrusive and explicit ads. If you are from India you can see the legitimacy of using torrent sites in India.

5 Best Torrent Websites for Software

1. Gigas Torrent- Mirror

We do know, however, that this is one of the best sites for browsing, however, because torrent websites are constantly blocked by the authorities so that users do not know what its current mirrored domain is active, at least some legal things can be used to download. One of the reasons for its popularity is now gaining momentum again, which is the easy-to-use website layout. Also, the arrangement of tags on the home page lets the user know that they are popular nowadays.

We know that in 2016 the US authorities banned the original domain of the website, however, I know there are a lot of fans out there. Gigas Torrents (KAT), This leads hunters to create fake domains to generate traffic or advertising revenue. So, make sure you have the right one to browse.

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Nevertheless, Kate offers a one-click download Torrent files and magnetic links For users from the search end interface. We can search for the best torrents in every genre, from software to movies to music. Users can also see reviews left by other users. Registered torrent fans are allowed to rate torrents. Reputation for files Learn how we can find ideas, which are not really active enough to find on our next torrent website called The Pirate Bay. In this you can easily find out which glass of Gigas is active Website.

2. Pirate Bay- One of the best to go

Of course, another website on the list of best torrent websites is “The Pirate Bay”. It is not only the oldest torrent website but also tops the Alexa rankings, showing a large portion of web traffic. Like Gigas, it has faced many legal battles, however, and is still operating somehow. It ranks as the best torrent website out there.

Pirate Boy’s interface is as simple and straightforward as Google’s search engine. Open it and type in the name of the software, music or other free stuff you want to download.

The size of the sowers or leeches rate on this torrent website is also good, so it is recommended to use magnetic links to get some files and cheat unwanted things or pop-ups.

Pirate Bay is the best torrent website for software

Additionally, Microsoft has a torrent client software called BitLord, the BitTorrent client for Windows, MacOS, and Android. It allows live streaming from Pirate Bay.


3. Isohound- software search

ISOHunt is another online torrent file encoding and repository that is a great way to browse free courses on software and torrent. It offers a category based search that you can use to your liking. ISOHunt is a BitTorrent & P2B torrent search engine and we need a client available on the website for Windows, MacOS and Linux to download files from it. It has been around for 17 years and was legally removed in 2013. However, the glass of this website is still alive after a few months in the same year and is still active to access.

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ISOHunt Mirror


4. RARBG- A consistent torrent

RARBG offers more than just videos, but also a good torrent site for getting software. It was launched in 2008 and provides both torrent files and magnetic links. This is one of the easiest websites to use in the torrent section. RARBG specializes in high quality videos and can easily search different collections with the option of viewing the top 10 torrents in each category.

Also, you can view previews of file cover image or popular videos by hovering the mouse pointer over the file. So, downloading with RARBG is easy and hassle free. However, one thing I would like to mention is that opening unwanted websites or pop-up windows on files with the first click should close them; Whereas if you click the same again, it will give you the exact page where the file will be. There are magnetic links, but you have to go to the relevant page first. The comments section is ignored, but it’s not bad.

RARBG Software Torrent 2020 Website


5. Darlock- Ideal for a variety of content

Torlock is relatively new to the list, but provides a good list of torrent files. However, the problem that one may face is obvious ads, yes the user should make sure before opening, he or she is comfortable, otherwise do not go for it. Also, Torlock Torrent claims that they all have verified software files. In the top menu, it offers shortcuts for new content and a list of the top 100.

Software is the best torrent site for TORLock


6. Limestone stream

Lime Torrent is similar to the popular torrent search engine torrents, which is not much available. Like Google, it provides a search bar on the homepage with quick shortcuts to movies, apps, anime, TV shows and more. No intrusive ads or pub-ups, Lime Torrent’s interface is very clean and easy to navigate.

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The number of leeches and seeds on this great torrent website for software is very good. Yes, like most torrent portals the feedback section is not very active so the user can find them only after getting the quality of the downloaded products.

Lime torrent

Torrent files, magnetic link and anonymous downloads are the three options available in Limdorrent.


7. 1337x – Best Torrent Search Options

It is mainly popular for videos, but also offers other content. But the software is not lost either. Updating new files is a very strong point for listing this great torrent site option here, i.e. a lot of active users. Also, they contain rules for registered users to follow the absence of spammy torrents, all torrents must be well planted by the uploader for at least 24 hours; No invalid files.

Also, users will not find ads that need to be closed again and again to get the actual file commonly found on torrent websites.

3x torrent


8. Torrentfunk- Good for common files

Another website is very fast when loading and provides a good database of the latest torrent files. With the capabilities of its built-in search engine the user can easily get the files they are looking for. However, magnetic-links alone are not enough .Tharant Extension files to download using certain clients such as BitTorrent or Tixati.

Torrent Funk


Software 2020- The Best Torrent Websites for Judgment

So, these are some good websites to browse torrent software files and their links can be easily found in Google or any other search engine. If you have any suggestions, the feedback section is yours.