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GitHub takes over YouTube video downloads after the RIAA announcement

GitHub takes over YouTube video downloads after the RIAA announcement


Californians face the biggest power outages of the year at fire risk

. Fiji & e plans to cut 1.2 million people’s electricity to 386,000 homes and businesses across northern California starting at 10 a.m. Sunday, company officials told a news conference late Saturday. This is down from the initial plan of about 466,000 customers delivered on Friday. There are crashes affecting 38 districts, including the San Francisco Bay Area, the foothills of Sierra Nevada, the Central Valley and the Central Coast. The final decision on the blackout will be made on Sunday morning. “This event appears to be particularly dangerous due to the factors we are constantly monitoring,” said Scott Strenfell, head of Fiji & E’s meteorological and fire department. Bone dry winds are expected to come in with strong winds expected to blow throughout Sunday, he said. Edison International’s Southern California Edison 73,428 customers will lose power – affecting more than 200,000 people. A spokesman said by phone that the power outage for residents living in the mountains around Los Angeles would begin Monday morning, where dry Santa Ana winds would blow. Already 4.1 million acres (1.66 million hectares) have been burned this year. BG&E has cut power by four times by 2020 to prevent blazes from igniting in a region that is drying up from heat and drought. The new circuit breakdowns will be the largest so far, extending over most of BG & E’s service area. Winds are expected to reach speeds of 70 mph (113 km / h) in the northern part of the state starting this weekend, and gases are expected to continue Tuesday morning. On Monday, humidity will be 6% in the Redding and just 5% in the Grass Valley, according to the National Weather Service. This comes as the state is already full of dry brush and grass due to the warmest average temperatures in the last six months, according to records from 126 years ago, BG & E in Strenfell said. The blackout could hit densely populated areas of San Francisco, including areas of Oakland, Berkeley and Marine County, where metropolitan areas are suffering from corona virus outbreaks, causing power outages for many residents. The city of Berkeley has advised residents living in the mountains to evacuate because of the risk of fire. According to a report, San Francisco is the only district in the Bay Area region that is not expected to be affected by a low risk of fire. Fiji & E and Southern California Edition are not the only apps that warn of crashes. Pacific Power, owned by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc., will be able to turn off power to about 5,800 customers Sunday in northern California and southern Oregon, according to a report. Most of the western United States is at risk from wildfires with dry weather and strong winds turning mountains, forests and land into tinderboxes. In Colorado, two of the largest fires in state history forced the closure of Rocky Mountain National Park and the evacuation of nearby cities. More than 8 million people across California will be in high-risk zones, including the cities of Sacramento, Stockton, and the U.S. Storm Forecast Center San Bernardino, in its long-range forecast. Accidental shutdowns have come on the heels of a blistering heat wave that swept through California earlier this month, recording daily rising temperatures. In August, a lightning storm triggered more than 150 wildfires in 24 hours. A few days earlier, the state’s phase operator had ordered the first rotating failures in 2001 after the Enron era energy crisis, as severe weather increased demand for electricity. Bankruptcy last year. BG&E was released on July 11 after paying $ 25.5 billion to settle fire claims. “They have a lot of work to do not only to regain their power, but also to regain the confidence they have failed to earn for decades,” Governor Gavin Newsom said during a conference on Friday. “It seems self-evident to anyone living in the Bay Area.” (Latest updates with Social Edison numbers in the fifth column) For more articles like this, please visit us and register at to progress with the most reliable business news source Register Now © 2020 Bloomberg LP

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