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Google makes many Play Store apps invisible

Google makes many Play Store apps invisible

Google is to clean up Android processors on a large scale in the Google Play Store. Challenging application retention.

It’s time for spring cleaning, or Google. After a long rejection, the company announced plans to drastically reduce the number of existing applications Google Play Store By deleting the old ones. This kind of decision is not new in the world of applications, we remember the times Apple deleted entire groups of apps In its App Store, for example applications are still in 32 bits.

Activity begins in November

In a blog postGoogle announces:Current apps that do not target the API size within two years of the last major Android release, starting November 1, 2022, will not be available to detect or install new users with devices running Android OS versions that exceed the target API level. When newer versions of the Android OS are released, the required window will be modified accordingly“.

In other words, from November 1, After the planned release of Android 13, Developers should target at least the Android 11 API to appear in front of new users. This includes those who are not part of the application library.

When creating an Android processor, developers set the minimum API level for Google (via the Grad file) and the app’s target API size. Each of the API levels is similar to the version of Android (for example, API level 30 for Android 11). This is the minimum configuration and configuration recommended for use in the application.

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Why this change?

Website XDA-Developers Explain the reasons for this change. Some developers have voluntarily opted to stay with older APIs to avoid Google’s restrictions on permissions. In other words, it allowed apps to override Android security and privacy efforts over the years. The site gives an example Snapchat Google has long used the API level 22 of Android 5.1 to avoid changes to permissions implemented by Google with Android 6.0.

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