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Google LaMDA

Google is releasing AI that can hold full conversations with you

Google lifts the veil on Lambda, an AI-powered language model capable of natural communication, and this is fraud.

In the context of the now-launched Google I / O 2021, Mountain View unveils its advances in artificial intelligence Lamda, A new model of language that can hold the whole conversation.

Lambda’s idea is to be able to give voice to anything and everything and to converse with it in a natural way. Google took the example of Pluto to illustrate the capabilities of its AI. Through a series of questions, the dwarf planet emerges and responds with informed answers. Another obvious example: Google talked to a paper airplane about aerodynamics thanks to Lamta. “It’s very interesting to see how Lambda can lead the conversation on any topic.” Google CEO Sundar Pichai explains.

Credit: Google

Although the two examples given may seem very strange, the potential of this AI is endless. These demonstrations demonstrate Lambda’s ability to have a unique and coherent dialogue without following pre-defined guidelines, with numerous topics. There is no need to restart the assistant in the initial question, AI communicates each new contact by relating it to the previous answer and the overall content of the conversation.

So Lambda will have its place to create a developed chat or Google Assistant. Mountain View does not specify whether its new language model is already ready for the general public, but confirms its desire to integrate it with its voice assistant in the future.