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Lokia Hungary expels Greco Story: No inaction in investigations

Lokia Hungary expels Greco Story: No inaction in investigations

No. There was no inaction in the investigation, Everything was done according to the rules. So is Milan’s attorney general Francesco Greco Milan defends itself in a statement sent to the public prosecutor’s office, where the lawyer’s name appears Pavlo Story, Points the finger at him in the file related to the lawyer’s revelations Pio Amara On the false Eni plot and alleged Lodge Hungary, Appear several times. Greco has in recent days worked with documents from a tentative and documented perspective with actions and emails with an accurate reconstruction that demonstrates the actions taken by the attorney in relation to the investigations, the whole place despite the facts being taken Disabling When some activities were too complicated.

Story, according to him, was handed over to the then CSM Councilor in April 2020 for “self-defense”. Piergamillo Davico. Greco argues that the findings of those statements are referenced The secret lodge is said to be Hungary, They were done, but with prudence and caution. The first three names, Amara, her former collaborator Alessandro Ferraro and her former partner Giuseppe Calafior were registered by the Secret Society in May 2020. Story wanted to record immediately, but in previous months, at least 6 people had printers and wiretapes. According to Craigo’s reconstruction, it was the lawyer who damaged the investigation without the knowledge of the top management by releasing those confidential documents and putting them in Daviko’s hands.

On the afternoon of Friday, May 7, Greco arrived at the Rome Attorney’s Office, where he met with the attorney Michael Prestibino And P.M. Fabrizio Duci and Rosalia Affinito, owners of an investigation into defamation of a CSM employee (currently suspended) Marcella Contrapato, The secretary of former councilor Piergamillo Davico, told some newspapers last year of secret investigation reports by attorney Piero Amara to attorney Pavlo Story. Story, under investigation Revealing the official secret, Instead will be questioned tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th. Greece is the alternative at trial Offended party.

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