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Google Photos

It is possible to create an animated image with two failed scenes

Google has announced some new features for its Google Photo service. This allows you to create animations especially from multiple images.

Google Photos

Google Photos

Its photos are already a bit awkward in terms of features for the hosting system, Google has released several features to better organize its photos Google Photos.

At the opening ceremony Google I / O., The company has announced three innovations to make the most of the photos and memories associated with them. The first of these functions, called “Little Patterns,” is an album of several photos merged. These photos do not need to be taken at the same time, in the same place or with the same people, unlike the existing memory function. At the moment, as far as Google Photos is concerned, it is a question of combining multiple images with one common point. It can be a collection of pictures with the same bag or similar patterns.

Google photos feature small formats

Smaller formats functionality of Google Photos // Source: Google

According to Google, this is a way to encourage users to go back to their old photos. If the company points out that these “small forms” allow new stories to be told, after all, it can be forgotten as a way to go back and sink into the clich.

The cinematic moments feature of Google Photos

Feature of cinematic moments in Google Photos // Source: Google

The second function presented on Google I / O this Tuesday is the “Cinema Moments” mode. As for Google Photos, this is a way to create a real transition animation between two photos. By providing two images taken at intervals of a few seconds, Google Photos can simulate missing images to provide a smooth and realistic transition. The system is actually a reminder that some TVs already allow you to go from a 24 fps movie to a 60 fps series. However, the challenge is too great because the images used for the transition may have been taken at intervals of several seconds.

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Functions to forget some photos

Finally, the latest news announced for Google Photos is worrying Clips that we no longer want to remember. It could be a photo of himself with an ex, a missing person or an example quoted by Google, before becoming a transgender person.

To do this, Google will integrate an option to forget a photo “remembrance gift” Google Photos are no longer recommended by app notifications. To hide personal photos from its storage space, a locked folder is also provided, which can only be accessed using a fingerprint code.

For now, Google has not announced the availability date for these various new features.