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Google is bringing many new features to Android Auto, Android TV and Gmail

Google Presents some interesting news related Gmail e Android Auto, Works on further improvements Android TV It looks more and more like Google TV. Here is everything you need to know in detail.

Customs return to Android Auto

Users Android Auto They may be happy to withdraw procedures Google Assistant, Which has been undercover for various reasons for some time. With the update to version 6.1 of the Android Auto app, procedures are reversed, although in some cases the activation takes place on the server side, so they can be done even on cars.

This functionality is similar to any device in Google Assistant and allows you to remotely communicate with smart devices at home and automate repetitive functions while driving.

News for messaging apps, too, is coming more and more on the small screens of cars. I then First views The number of icons visible on the screen is increasing, which is related to the applications installed on your smartphone.

So we see WhatsApp, Google News, Facebook Messenger, Skype and Microsoft teams as the picture above shows, but there may be many more supported apps. Icons allow you to view current conversations or activate new ones using voice commands, as there is no on-screen keyboard and no access to the contacts of each individual application.

At the moment, however, news for messaging applications is limited to English, but very soon they will be available to other languages ​​as well.

Searches in Gmail show aliases

And major improvement Gmail It gets new capabilities related to the search bar. With a new update, this time is reserved for Google desktop users, and aliases associated with emails will also be displayed when searching for a specific address.

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Results are searched in the sender, recipient, “cc” and “pc” fields, and in the body of the message to easily find the desired conversations, even if you only remember one of the aliases you used. Contacts.

“Unemployed” users will be able to enjoy this as soon as the release for the current victims is complete.

Android TV is similar to Google TV

Google has released an update to version 3.0 of the Android TV Home Launcher for devices with this operating system. Although there is currently no news from the design point of view, the analysis of the code reveals upcoming innovations.

Confirms when expected A few days ago, The new homepage will have three tabs: Homepage, Discover and Apps. First select the ones that will allow you to fix your favorite apps above and show their suggestions. Second is the use of data associated with a Google Account, especially with activity on the Internet and in applications, to display it by searching for recommended content in the streaming services you have subscribed to. The App Tab allows you to quickly access the apps installed on the Play Store and Android TV device.

The introduction of the new design will show you the news and improvements with a short tutorial, focusing on the Discover Card, which will become of fundamental importance to the site. Application update does not automatically bring up new design, but enables server side intervention at any time, at least in countries affected by rollout (USA, Australia, Canada, France and Germany).

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