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Google is accused of tracking the location of its users even when the function is disabled

Google is accused of tracking the location of its users even when the function is disabled

New documents provided by Business Insider in a lawsuit against Google reveal that the company deliberately retains users’ location data even when the feature is disabled.

Business Insider reports that executives and engineers are aware that the documents provided in the legal action against Google are preventing smartphone users from escaping their location.

Android Attorney General Mark Brnovich brought the case last year, accusing the company of illegally tracking the location of Android users without their permission, even though users had disabled Android features.

The store also reports that documents show that Google pressured phone makers to hide privacy settings from users.

Additionally, according to the same documentation, Google uses a variety of techniques to collect location data, including WiFi and applications not affiliated with Google.

“This is how Apple eats our lunch,” he said Google employees, Says Apple is “more likely” to allow users to use location-based apps and services on their phones without sharing data with Apple.

In an email to Google spokesman Jose Castaneda The Verge, the lawyer said, “Our competitors who are leading this investigation have gone out of their way to misrepresent our services.” We have always developed privacy features in our products and provided strong controls on location data. ”

Google collects 20 times more personal data than Apple

Douglas J., a British researcher at Trinity College London. Leith found in a study published by Ars Technica, a specialized site that Google sends Android system 20 times personal data From Apple to its designer rather than its iOS competitor. Google competed inventions.

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Vladimir Katalov, a Russian computer security expert and co-founder of the Russian company Elcomsoft, confirmed that his company’s rich experience shows that Google collects more data than Apple.

Reviews of Google Search Engine

Google is currently in the view of many media The manipulation of its search engine. Last April, a complaint was lodged by the parent company of the British daily Daily Mail that its traffic had dropped by 50%.

Several outlets, including Genius Media Group, HD Media and Spotnik, have made similar allegations since Google updated its search engine algorithm.

In addition to Sputnik, the victims include 20 Russian media outlets whose articles have been placed low in search results. An allegation that Google has so far denied.