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Google is about to release the 'brand new' version of the root OS

Google is about to release the ‘brand new’ version of the root OS

During the Google I / O conference, the company announced the release of a new version of its system for attached watches.

Fossil game under Root OS

Fossil game under the root OS // Source: Frontroid

Google will make its debut this Tuesday evening Google I / O Annual Conference. As every year, it should be an opportunity for the company to take stock of many of its products, release new features of the upcoming version of Android, and offer some new hardware. One thing is for sure, attached watches should attract attention.

Prior to the conference, Google updated its Google I / O program on a dedicated site and added a small note about its structure dedicated to connected watches:

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Note on root OS on Google I / O site

Note on Root OS on Google I / O site // Source: Google

For now, we do not know what this new version of Root OS will contain. Also, underlined 9to5Google, Which reports information, an update is already expected to allow developers Design widgets from their own applications Integrate them into the home screens of attached watches.

Still, for months, there have been many rumors about the root OS and especially the watches. Except for the chestnut tree Pixel Watch – A clock designed directly by Google – especially following a piece of Fitbit and Fossil that reinforces its idea, it Samsung that can lead in root OS. The Korean manufacturer is preparing to move to the Google system for its next attached watches.

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The OS was consistently criticized

No doubt Samsung had to promise Google miracles to impress in its wallet, starting by fixing key flaws in its system. The root OS is actually constantly criticized for its lack of power optimization, low autonomy and the average performance of the attached clocks it is fitted with.

We need to know more about this modification of Wear OS tonight. Google I / O will launch this Tuesday at 7pm, followed by several days of conferences dedicated to Google’s various products and services.