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These 3 techniques to read your messages "missing"

These 3 techniques to read your messages “missing”

There are many ways to get around the “seen” note in the app Ambassador, When you read your friend’s message, he or she ignores it. How? ‘Or’ What?

First Facebook His immediate messenger has updated and integrated the note “saw” in Messenger (via the bubbles that hold the image of our profile picture, placed at the bottom right of our screen), and communication practices on the social network are regrettable. leaving. But in reality, this can be overcome in many ways. Here they are, it’s so easy.

Preview Widget

When you open the Messenger app and see that someone has sent you a message, you do not have to click on it, but just click on it. Hold your finger down for a split second so that the dialog preview window appears. This allows you to view the last five messages sent by that person. This clever manipulation allows you to disable or mark the conversation as “reading”. All you have to do to check the functionality is to click on your screen anywhere other than the window and the recipient will not see your bubble next to their message, You have read him. This first technique is unfortunately only available on the latest iPhones and iPods.

Airplane mode

In iOS, putting you in airplane mode from the home screen is another technique By sliding your finger up, open the app and read your message without notifying the author, Simply. On Android, this is the same thing.

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The notice is expandable

Expandable notice consists of reading a message in its entirety from its announcement. Go to Settings and check if the Messenger option is enabled in “Notifications”. When you receive a news release, after opening your smartphone and closing the Messenger bubble- Drag the notification down to extend the window so that you can read the long extract of the message. This technique is about both Android and iOS.

Here is another pretty evil technique on Facebook this time. This Here.