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Fortnite Season 2 Update Size & Weight, Chapter 3 Patch 20.00 Download - Breakflip

Fortnite Season 2 Update Size & Weight, Chapter 3 Patch 20.00 Download – Breakflip

A 20.00 update is coming to Fortnite for the start of Chapter 2 of Season 3! But what is the patch size to download?

Chapter 3 Season 2 finally lands Fortnight ! Many innovations will be found in the game map such as changes or new weapons. But before that, you need to download Patch 20.00, which is the patch for this brand new season! Without it, the game will not be accessible once the new season is deployed.

Corn How big is this patch 20.00, What to download? Depending on the site, its weight may vary, we describe everything below. It may take a while to install this update because the new season patches will be bigger than regular patches!

What is the size of Patch 20.00 in Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3?

Depending on the site, the patch size for this new season will be completely different!

On Twitter, you can easily find information about someone Link weight according to sitesDetailed below:

  • PC size: GB
  • PS5 size : GB
  • PS4 size : GB
  • Size Xbox Series X : GB
  • Xbox One size : GB
  • Change the size : GB
  • Android size : GB

To download it, we advise you to make sure you have a good internet connection as the process may take some time due to the size of the patch. If this link is too heavy, it’s because there are so many new features to discover in this new season! $

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